Bicykel ride at the nature reserve Sapal


The 25 of april is in memory of the Portuguese revolution and with other words known as the Carnation Revolution that took place in 1974.


This year it was a beautiful day, clear blue sky and nice temperatures so we took our fairly new bicykels on a ride to the nature reserve Sapal de Casto Marim and Vila Real de Santo Antonio established in 1975.

Sapal is marshland and salt pans and is a privileged site for the reproduction of fishes, crustaceans and shellfish, who find shelter here in order to grow before they venture forth into the sea through the channels to Guadiana river. We saw many different typs of birds, we are spoiled to see a lot of storks and we were thrilled to see a big group of flamingos, at least 50 of them today.


Salt continues to be produced in many of the salt pans, in accordance with artisanal processes, delivering a product whose quality is certified by the Nature Reserve and used for gourmet cooking. One of the ”mountains” with salt look almost like a huge pile of snow.


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