Demolition phase Casa Scholdstrom

After the project of the new house was approved by the planning office we finally got the approval for demolition of the old one and the demolition started May 10 at 08:00 in the morning. The street was blocked of from traffic, a huge excavator was unloaded from a truck in this narrow street and work started to take down the house.

Two hours later at 10:00 the site was just a pile of debris with the excavator on top, trucks started to remove the debris and the following day the plot was all cleaned up. This part really went fast, the demolition team knew what to do and was very effective and by next day everything was nice and tidy. The constructor talked to the lady living next door to the right, she and her little dog lost the wall facing our side, I hope the work has not created too much disturbance for them and as soon as we start to build they will get the wall back again.

After the demolition we are facing more bureaucracy; As the house now is not a house but a plot, we need to go to the tax office to get it reclassified from house to plot before we can get the building permit based on the previous approved project by the planning office.

However; After the demolition the plot was measured, the area of the plot was slightly bigger that what was registered at the planning office and consequently the previous approved project needs to be updated.

These are just formalities that of course consume time, but it seems that we now are geting close to start building and hopefully things will move next week.

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