Monthly medal Quinta do Vale; June


Quinta do Vale is an amazing golf course, the more I play it the more I get to like it, every day it’s a new challenge and depending on the weather and wind you get to see the course from a new perspective. Now it’s in really good condition, the greens are firm and fast, the fairways are like carpets and it’s only the bunkers that needs some work with drainage and better sand but on the other hand – ”Don’t go into the bunkers!”. The first 10 holes with all the water can at times and depending on the wind be a mouthful to master, the other 8 holes are easier but should not be underestimated with sloops, ravines, harsh and rocky terrain with lots of bushes outside the fairway.

Apart from the golf itself you can enjoy the scenery, wherever you are on the course you have spectacular views over the surrounding hills, the Guadiana river, Spain in the background with the bridge, etc.

Today we played the Monthly Medal, the golfing weather was good with temperatures around 25 degrees C and a small breeze. The winner was Graham, second Stuart and me in third place.


Inte picture from left; Stene, Graham and Stuart

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