Finally; the construction starts!

After several month of bureaucracy involving the architect and his project people and at times also our lawyer we finally received the building permit on Friday June 24 from the Camera Municipal in Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Actually the same day as Sweden celebrates Midsummer Eve, giving us a strong reason for celebration even if we were far from the Swedish Midsummer Eve!

The documentation of the process for the building permit has grown to quite a pile!


The following Monday June 30 work started with preparing for the concrete casting putting up all the reinforcement bars and on Friday July 8 the first concrete casting of the foundation was done. Now the pillars are taking shape with reinforcements bars and moulds. I also got my name on display on a huge sign to show that all permits are in order.

At the same time we are negotiating with a couple of companies that has made layouts and proposals for kitchens but we still have time to decide.

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