Exercise in Vila Real de Santo António


Here with the owners of Academia Desportiva, David and Marsia.

One of the reasons why we like Vila Real de Santo António so much is because of their wide selection of sport activities that you can do here. Exercising the body is extremely important in our life; it is a lifestyle. Here you find good tracks for running, either you can choose the beach or you can run along the river Guadiana. You can also find pinewoods that are good for running. We also have a great Track and Field stadium here in Vila Real de Santo António. In the wintertime there are many athletes from Europe that comes here for their training camps. All year around we also see many bikers that come here for training or just have vacation on their bikes. Biking is a really good transportation in Vila Real de Santo António. We always goes with our bikes or we walk a lot as well. It is this kind of city that is quickly reached any directions by foot.

If you are looking for a really good gym in Vila Real de Santo António we can highly recommend Academia Desportiva. Here you can find everything you need for a good workout. It is not a big gym where you feel completely lost. The gym is own by David Caleiro and his wife Marisa.


There is also Sara Gomez who will help you to get the best out of your workout. They can help you to design a training program adapted for you to reach your goals.

It is always nice to come here it has a nice and friendly atmosphere, feels like a big family. They speak good English as well, so no excuse avoiding this place.


For me training has always been important part of my life. I here many people say that having knees that hurt or a bad back, high blood pressure etc. is a part of growing old. Off course there can bee family genes that influence in our lives. But I never have periods in my life when I get in shape; “I stay in shape”! I think it is your responsibility to take care of your body as best as you can. Our body’s has not changed since the evolution. It is the humans that have changed their way of living. Many adapted to bad eating habits with lots of sugar consumption, manipulated gluten that we can´t digest, Semi finished food with lots of food additives and artificial flavors so we want taste how bad it will taste otherwise. Many also burn their candle in both ends, with too much stress in there life. Instead of stopping and think about what is really important in life is just to be healthy.

So if you either live in Vila Real de Santo António or you just come and visit. This is the place for you. You can choose to become a member. They have good deals. You can be member for 3 months for 89 Euros. Or you can pay a package for 7 entrees for 15 Euros.

You will find the Academia Desportiva on Rua De Angola no 16, Vila Real de Santo António. Tel: 281 543 170



Open every day.

Monday to Friday 07.00 – 23.30

Saturday and holidays 09.00 – 20.00

Sunday 10.00 – 13.00

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