Progress of construction, September 2016

Some time has now passed after the start of construction of ”Casa Scholdstrom”, we have been away to Sweden for a 5 weeks break to see our children, Filip and Felicia plus some friends but as always, time passes too quickly and at the end we didn’t manage all that we wanted to do.

In the mean time the construction of the house has continued as planned, structure is finished, the work on outer and inner walls has started. It’s exiting to visit the site and see how everything is taking shape, a drawing on a pice of paper is now becoming something in 3 dimensions that you can actually walk around in and experience the volume and space.

Now the challenge starts to choose material, an important task as the material will be something permanent that will be part of the character of the house. Kitchen is already chosen for both ground floor an first floor and we have big expectations and so far very happy with the layout.

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