Matchplay Quinta da Ria v.s. Quinta do Vale December 19 2016

In the Algarve Vinter lead we in Quinta do Vale met Quinta da Ria today, a very nice way to play other golf courses in Algarve and also to meet other people i the region. Most players are from the British Isles but there are a few others like me from Sweden and I’ve even played with a Portuguese guy.

Quinta da Ria (QdR) is situated between Tavira and Vila Real de Santo Antonio, I played the course some years ago, I did remember some of the holes but in general it was like playing a new course. QdR has some challenging holes, specially with the northerly wind we had today that made some of the par 4 holes difficult to reach in 2 strokes, we enjoyed playing and the condition of fairways, bunkers and greens were very good. This together with the views that are fantastic overlooking the sea makes this a course well worth trying.

About the matchplay, QdV lost against QdR, me and my partner Alan Clark played OK but our opponents (Martin and Frans) played extremely good and all we could do was to congratulate them on the 16th hole to their win.

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