January; Progress report Casa Scholdstrom


Two and a half mont since last status report of Casa Scholdstrom has passed, we spent Christmas and New Year here in VRSA and we had the pleasure to have Filip with his girlfriend Jinos with us for 10 days.

The construction has continued, we haven’t been able to see the progress of the outside but the other day they removed the protective net covering the fasade and now we can see more clearly the shape of the front.

The tiles on the roof is almost ready and the workers are busy with finishing the grout on the outside walls. The work is progressing fine, it’s good we have this excellent weather with blue skies every day even if night time can be chilly.

Work on the inside has been dedicated very much at different pipings (water, drains, AC/heating), electrical, etc. It’s a lot to think about when it comes to positioning of electrical outlets and how many, but we have been recommended; better with too manny than too few!

We are passing by the construction most of the days after our almost daily routine at the gym that is just around the corner, even if the builder is doing a good job there are always things to discuss.

From now on the progress will be more visible, the estimated time to finish is May and it seem that we are doing well with the time-plan.

There are a couple of cats that seems to have settled down in our house and left some traces in the fresh floor filling material and this we see as a good sign.


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