End of February situation report Casa Scholdstrom

A little bit more than a month has past since last report, things are happening every day now, most of the material has been decided upon and also ordered.


The outside structure is finished, windows ordered as well as doors, closet furnishings, kitchen, etc., the plan to move in latest in May is still valid – cross our fingers and wish us luck!

We are very happy with the builder that is helping us a lot as we are not familiar with suppliers of different materials here in Portugal as well as the architect that has his office across the street is very helpful with his supervision.

Last week the ceilings has been installed, on the second floor the floor tiles both in the laundry room and roof terass is now on the way. Before that the inner walls has got their finish and now we are waiting for the installation of the open fireplace inserts that will be done next Monday March 6.




We need still to decide on a couple of things like lightning and bathrooms details, plus probably more things that will come up as we progress. It’s a balance act to find good quality to a reasonable price, some of the lightning we actually ordered from Sweden after thorough investigations as the cost there was 75% cheaper than here in Portugal.

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