April 3 update Casa Schöldström


Hello everybody!

Time again for a17352095_415573728819428_7393248128818158227_nn update of the progress of Casa Schöldström, it’s now a month since the last update and things are moving forward every day now.

We have since a couple of weeks the sign above the entrance so it could be easily found as well as the floor tiles at the entrance and the stairs are almost ready.



Ground floor and first floor has now got all the flooring,  bathrooms with all the tiles on the walls installed and all the bathrooms fittings has been ordered.

The electrician is busy installing the electrical part with wires, contacts, switches, etc.

Next steps in the near future are painting (it has started already on the top floor), windows and all the doors, wardrobe interiors, solar panel for hot-water, installation of lighting, etc.

We are thrilled each time we are visiting the sight to see the progress, our daily rutin is first a couple of hours in the gym, then visit the building and then a good brunch.


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  1. Glennda LaChance says:

    Wow! Looks amazing! We are so happy for you!😃

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