Visit to Alentejo and Herdade da Mingorra


We often buy the wine from Mingorra, their Reserva is a very good wine for a  good price but they have a variety of different wines that you can find on their homepage (

At the trip to Alentejo that we made a couple of weeks ago I’ve also booked a visit to Mingorra with a tour and some wine tasting. When we arrived we met Sofia Uva (daughter to the owner) that showed us around the facelities, explaining a bit of the history and the process.

After the tour we ended up in a room prepared for the wine tasting, we tasted a selection of white, vino verde, red, fortified and late harvest but we didn’t manage to test all so we still have some more to explore next time we visit Mingorra.

Mr Henrique Uva came to see us during the tasting session and talked a little about the future projects with more about extending the vines as well as new plantation with almond trees however the last years lack of heavy rain the worry is to have enough of water for the new plantations. Sofia explained that they have some rooms for visitors so they can arrange dinners, tastings and stay overs in a nice environment for smaller groups.

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