Tasquinha da Muralha


Not only for fish-lovers, even those that claims they don’t like fish has changed their mind after a visit to this restaurant. The best fish in Algarve you find at a very small restaurant just by the river Guadiana in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, it’s not a restaurant that can be easily found as it is hidden behind the parking for the motorhomes and some hundred meters upstream from where the ferry to Spain leaves.

Tasquinha da Muralha is only open for lunch (12 – 15 and Mondays closed) and at high season you have to wait for a table as booking is not possible. The personel is friendly and quick but they have no menu, so when you are seated you are asked to order the drinks and at the same time served olives, bread and pâtés. A while after the drinks are served they bring you mixed sallad and shortly after you are asked to go to a refrigerated counter were you are asked to choose among a variety of absolutely fresh fish, just before the fish is ready you are served steamed potatoes (still with the skin) and then the fish comes from the charcoal grill.

We go frequently to this place for lunch also bringing guests and we have never been disappointed, our favorite with the fish is a pitcher of ”Vinho Verde” and then we have a nice walk home.

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