Herdade do Vau, Alentejo


After two months of lockdown because of Covid-19 things are slowly opening up again starting with the opening of golf courses followed by shops and now finally restaurants. All this happening with restrictions focusing on keeping the distance, hand hygiene, facial masks, etc.

We did the last week our first longer trip outside the Vila Real de Santo Antonio (VRSA) and again to the land of grapes, good wine and good food – South part of Alentejo with its beautiful landscape. May is also the month whit the last rain, just before the dry months of the summer and with the green grass and the hills colored by all the different colors of wild flowers.

Our first stop and base for our excursions in the area was Herdade do Vau (HV) situated 1 h 40 min from VRSA, just by the river Guadiana in east Alentejo and close to Beja. HV is a small vineyard growing their own wine “Riso” that is sent to Monte Novo e Figueirinha for processing and serve dinner. It’s a very peaceful area ideal for relaxing, hikes, swim in their pool, etc. They have 14 rooms with good standard, general areas for socializing both outside and inside and a very friendly welcoming staff that served us well as being the first guests after the lockdown well respecting the restrictions implemented by the authorities.

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  1. Rosana Findeiss says:

    Nice to hear from you. We still in the midlle of pandemic and politics problems. Good to hear you are good and having fun Kristina & Stene. Lovely place you were into. Best regards, Rosana


    1. Dear Rosana, yes your situation in Brazil are not good at all! We are following all the news from there and thinking of you and all our friends. We are now slowely opening up again.


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