Queijaria Pinto 🐐🧀, Vila de Frades, Alentejo

After the lockdown due to the covid-19 and our newly gained freedom our trip to Alentejo took us to the village of Vila de Frades just north of Beja, Vila de Frades is a small village but with great history reaching to the times of the Roman, still you can enjoy the ruins from that time as well as some vineries has preserved the craftsmanship.

By more of an accident we ran into Queijaria Pinto when we entered the village, this is a genuin goat cheese factory run by the proud owner Celestino Lameira making both fresh cheese and aged cheese of the milk from his 300 goats! We bought some of the fresh cheese and a load of the aged cheese that we could enjoy when we finally got back to Vila Real de Santo Antonio😋.

Our dog Smulan is making an acquaintance with one of Celestino’s goats😜,
she is a little cautious and does not know if she can trust this creature!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. XiFel says:

    Smullan and the goat. Lovely


    1. Yes she thought it was a strange being:)


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