Pais das Uvas restaurant, Vila de Frades, Alentejo.


In Vila de Frades and the area there are some vineries making the talha wine, a process of wine making introduced by the Romans and then handed down from generation to generation throughout the history. This technique to make wine is first of all to use big clay amphorae called talhas giving the wine a special character.

The restaurant “Pais das Uvas” is situated in the center of Vila de Frades and is quite easy to find, it makes and serves traditional food from the region together with the tahla wine and is located next door to “Cella Vinaria Antiqua” where the talha wine is made. Antonio Honrado is a proud owner of both gave us first a tour in the wine cellar/museum and then we had our lunch in the restaurant and as the obedient customers we opted for the recommendations of our host.

To start with we got some local fresh cheese, ham and salami accompanied with of course a red talha wine. As a main course Kristina had pork cheeks and I choosed brown beans with mixed pork. We were very well attended, the food and wine just marries together in beautiful harmony.

During the lunch the personal from the kitchen came out to see that everything was to satisfaction and Antonio came frequently to tell us the story of the food and wine. We were served white wine to try as well as aguardiente (Portugeese grapa) and a special liquor. At the coffee we were explained about the seven specialities of the region; Talha Wine, Bred, Cheese, Sausages, Honey, Oranges and Sweets (Popias) and just for me to try the special sweet (popias) Antonio went to the local bakery to procure some tasting samples.

There will still be one more post on the blog from this trip, it was fantastic experience and we will for sure come back to this region. Then also visiting the neighboring villages Vidigueira and Cuba and hopefully with some of our friends that unfortunately couldn’t make it this time.

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