Quinta do Quetzal, Vila de Frades, Alentejo.


We had tried the wine from the vineyard Quinta do Quetzal some time before this trip that is located in Vila de Frades we enjoyed it very much. As we were in the area and had some time to spend we went to Quinta do Quetzal Thursday May 21. When we arrived we saw some activities so we knocked on the door, a person opened up just to tell us it was closed and that they were preparing for opening the next day.

This suited us well and we made a reservation for lunch on Friday as we didn’t have any previous plans for that day. We actually became the first customer after the Covid-19 lockdown, we came to a restaurant that was shining clean, with a new fresh menu and with staff eager to serve us!👍

Tuna Ceviche, Slow cooked Lamb, Quetzal Familia wine and the Coravin device.

We decided to start with the recommendation of house, a Tuna Tartar/Ceviche, from our time in Latin America we learned to love ceviche and here we were not disappointed with the diced tuna marinated in lime, with pieces of mango and coriander. Then we opted for slow the cooked Lamb, pulled from their bones and served with carrot purée and yoghurt with mint and salted spinach. To this we wanted a good red wine, we chose “Quetzal Familia 2013 Grande Reserva”, the only problem was that it only came in 1,5 l bottle and we me driving it would have been a bit too much to share, however the waiter had a solution so we could have one glas each without open the bottle! He brought a newly invested device (Coravin) that without removing the cork but instead through a needle that is inserted injecting argon gas that is pushing out the wine and in that way preserve the wine in the bottle. This was a gadget that impressed Kristina but in our household I have difficulties to see the use, as most of the time we finish the bottles.

A truly impressive gourmet experience, with good food, wine and as always very well attended by the Portugeese hospitality. This will be the last post from this trip but hopefully we will be back with some more to share more at the end of this year, take care and stay safe!

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