Walking trails; “Beliche trail”


The “Beliche trail” starts at the dam of Beliche in the municipality of Castro Marim, it’s a short trail that stretches over 6.3 km with moderate elevation and on mixed dirt- and asfalt roads. Along the way you will pass a number of orchards with mainly citrus trees but also fig trees, almond trees, etc. and we passed a couple of quite big cork oaks plus some traditional buildings. At this time of the year you find orange trees with oranges ready to pick and at the same time white blossoms.

The water reserves are at this time filled up with water from the winters rain that will be much needed and supplied to Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo Antonio when entering the summer month with hot sun and no rain. At this time winters rain has also nourished trees and flowers, the colors are overwhelming, the temperatures between 18-20 °C makes it perfect to walk and explore, but Smulan (our dog) is happy when we take a coffee break and seeks out the shade.

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