Walking trails; “Boa Vista Trail”


The third trail “Boa Vista Trail” with start in Corte António Martins in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, the distance is about 10.5 km on mixed dirt roads and asfalt roads with moderate ups and downs. You will experience stretches of the trail crosses a landscape of carob and holm oak trees, then riverbeds colonized by oleanders and then with olive trees, cork oaks, citrus, broom, thyme, mimosa, etc. Along the trail there are some spectacular views and you can also see different building structures typical of the area and remains from walls and wells and orchards mainly with citrus fruit. We met a gentleman who herded his goats close to Pomar, a collection of a few houses along the route and we had conversation. I told him that one of our favorite meals is “cabrito no forno” (goatling in the oven), he immediately offered me to buy one but with my limited knowledge of the process from how to convert from live goat to ready to put in the oven I gratefully declined.

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  1. Rosana says:

    Com certeza foi uma linda caminhada.


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