Spicy clams

I really had a desire for clams today. When I went to the fish market, they had no big mussels, so I bought clams instead. But this recipe, you can just as easily do with mussels. I wanted to make something different today with much more “interesting” flavor than the regular recipe with cream and…

Stuffed squid in tomato sauce

I’ve always liked octopus. Here in Portugal is grilled squid common and something that I love to order when I’m at a restaurant. But today when I bought it at the market I was eager to fill it with something good. This was a real treat, so incredibly good. Would also fit nicely to invite guests….

Meatballs with Italian flavour

Meatballs are great food; you can cook a lot and keep in the fridge for later use. Great as snack, and even to take with you on excursions. Some people fail in their diet, come home from work hungry and had no planning. Then it’s easy to get caught up in the fast food swamp….

Semi dried tomatoes

This is a side dish that I´m totally obsessed about! It is so delicious and easy to make, takes care of itself in the oven. I use it in salads, for breakfast and mixes with my fermented cabbage. I also use as decoration on other dishes. Yes, I´m sure you can find more usage, please…

Bread Buns

It is very rare that I eat bread at all. I’m totally gluten-free, but I’m also naturally gluten-free. What do I mean by that?? Well I do not buy gluten-free products. I eat the Paleo diet and there are no flour or grains in that lifestyle. Gluten-free products are usually prepared with corn or rice…