10410356_483865345050278_7387109049049507273_nWe are a Swedish couple in our 60-ies that just moved to Portugal. Stene worked almost his hole life in the same Swedish Internationell company. The work has brought us to many different countries in the world and we lived nearly 20 years abroad. We started in Spain, moved on to Mexico, from there we went to Panama, then it was South Corea and we lived for almost 7 years in Brazil. We have truly enjoyed our years abroad, we love the challenge, travelling and to get to know new places.

Kristina trained nurse, follow Stene all around the world taken care of house and family. When we moved back to Sweden again -2002 she started up her own business. A clinic for alternative medicine, her passion became  – you are what you eat. Devoted many hours of studying in the subject and helping people find there way back to a healthier life. She has for some years now published a blog under http://www.completewellnessblog.com in Swedish.

Now we are in our third face in life. Our children Filip and Felicia are getting along with there own lives. We retired a little earlier. Since we think the Swedish winters are a little to cold and grey we have enjoyed long stay vacations for some years. We have been back to Portugal and the Algarve coast several times. The climate is wonderful, so many things to do, friendly local people, and great golf courses. In December 2014 we spent 5 weeks in Vila Real de Santo António and we absolutely fell in love in this charming place. The idea to move here started to grow and 2015 we took the decision to sell our house in Sweden and buy something here in Portugal instead. Vila Real de Santo António is a small little town close to the border of Spain. The river Guadiana devides Spain and Portugal and when we stroll along the river bed we see Spain. Here we have found everything that we appreciate in life, good climate, friendly people, good sport facilities, fantastic golf courses, lovely beaches, and a living city even in the winter time.

We moved here in December 2015 and have bought a town house in the old part of Vila Real de Santo António. We will now start the challenge with demolish the house and build a new one on the plot, we are looking forward to this exciting time and you can follow our project under Casa Scholdstrom.

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  1. gunillamonsaraz says:

    So you just settled in the Algarve….. We´ve beenfor more than 25 years in Alentejo, including the 5 ½ years we were in Seoul South Korea at the same time as the Hellstadius´ and Kaurins. Come and see us in Monsaraz some time! Gunilla Possenius


    1. Hi Gunilla, Thank you for your respond on our blog. Small world:) We lived in Seoul during the years 89-92. When were you there? We will definitely come and see you next time we are close to Monsarez. Thank you for your kind invitation. If you are in Vila Real de Santo António please contact us as well, will be nice to meet you. Kristina


  2. Gunilla Possenius says:

    Hej, Såg först nu via länk från HH hit, att Du svarat på mitt meddelande – för ett år sedan… Vi kom till Seoul första dagarna i januari 1993, från Cascais. Flyttade därifrån till Vilnius juni -98 och därifrån 6 år senare till huset i Monsaraz (som vi köpte dec -90) . Vi hör av oss om vi åker till Algarve./G


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